Introducing a self-learning, easy-to-install search engine optimized for your site.

Over the last two years, has created the most advanced autosuggest service available, learning from behavioral signals to optimize rankings and increase conversions for our customers by 2-23%.

We've taken all the core technology from our autosuggest product and created a search service designed from the start to optimize conversions. With this one service you can now deploy our advanced autosuggest system to provide predictive suggestions for your users, then use our search engine to return the product results most likely to convert for a given search.

You can expect the same behavioral re-ranking, conversion benefits, and advanced stemming and phonetic matching as our autosuggest, now with full search support.

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Learns automatically

We’ve taken the machine learning engine from our autosuggest service and re-engineered it to provide continuously updated result rankings to your users.

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Optimizes for conversions

Our behavioral tracking tools constantly monitor user behavior and optimize search results for maximum conversions.

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Lightning fast

Our technology has been designed to return responses within milliseconds to users around the world.

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We've honed the phonetic intelligence algorithms we used in our autosuggest to support all languages and character sets.

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